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This test was performed on a restaurant franchise chain of 5 stores. THE POWERHOUSE 208/240 was installed on 1 of the stores and the other 4 were used as control subjects. As the stores monthly volume increases, the electric bills increased as well. As we can see the store front with THE POWERHOUSE installed consistently ran under normal ratio of electric bill to sales volume. These stores are within a 60 mile radius of each other which removes the weather variable on the stores electricity consumption. THE POWERHOUSE is greatly decreasing the electric bills of this customer not to mention the other benefits of the Powerhouse.

3 Separate 14 day tests @ KFC --- (7 days on / 7 days off)

5 Store Chain - Sales vs Elcectric Bill --- August 2010

5 Store Chain - Sales vs Elcectric Bill --- September 2010

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