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Bekum Injection Molding

HEAT REDUCTION TEST : On the Bekum Injection Molder there are three dominate motors: the pump motor, the top motor, and the conveyor motor. Because these motors are under less strain with THE POWERHOUSE providing clean consistent power, they are producing considerably less heat. The motors will have an extended life span due to the reduction of heat and strain.

INLINE/OFFLINE TEST : This test was run on a Bekum injection molding machine. This press was run constantly for 10 hours. The KWHS usage was tested using an EMON meter. During the 5 hours that THE POWERHOUSE was on the machine, it averaged 4 KWHs. When THE POWERHOUSE was removed, the machine averaged 6 KWHs revealing a 33% savings in KWHs.

REDUCTION OF BAD PARTS : On the Bekum machine another positive outcome of THE POWERHOUSE installation was the reduction in bad parts or culls. Before adding THE POWERHOUSE the machine was averaging 14% to 16% bad parts, after installing the Powerhouse the machine is only averaging 2% unusable parts. This is due to the increased efficiency of the machine with conditioned power.

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