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I would like to express my thoughts on the Powerhouse 208/240 unit that has been installed on my commercial restaurant. I would now like to say that this unit has been on my location for over 19 months that it is doing all that Black Hawk said it would do and more.

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We are very pleased with the energy savings and increased equipment efficiency.

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New Hope Church (Tom Malone - Pastor)


Your product, the Blackhawk Energy Saver does all you said it would do and probably a little more.

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TN Wildlife Resources (Area Manager)


My initial results with the Black Hawk Powerhouse have been phenomenal!

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Tim Jones (Champion Car Wash)


Having retired after 53 years in the electrical business as an owner, project manager, and estimator, I had the opportunity of exploring an amazing new electrical product. It was a power conditioning system distributed by Black Hawk Energy Saver. Amazing because of the multitude of positive changes made to the electrical system.

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Robert Sadler (53 years in the electrical business)


I just wanted to take a moment to express my complete satisfaction with the energy saving device that was placed at my home in April of 2011.

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Dan Cook (Attorney & Counselor at Law)


We all know that the worst two enemies of electric motors are heat and low voltage. Mr. Jerry Johnson has with his device solved the two major problems with electrical motors on HVAC equipment today.

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Robert Hamm ( owner Hamm's Refrigeration)


I plan on having one on everyone of my locations as soon as they are under production.

Dean Mason (National franchise restaurant owner)


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